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41° Congrès de l'Association of Caribbean Historians

41° Congrès de l'Association of Caribbean Historians

10-15 mai 2009
Saint-François, Guadeloupe

Cérémonie d'ouverture
Dimanche 10 mai 2009, 18:00
Hotel "La Plantation"

Illustration : Cornes de Cerf, © Guadeloupe Attitude


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Association of Caribbean Historians
Société d'histoire de la Guadeloupe
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Programme of the 41st Annual Conference, Guadeloupe, May 10 - 15, 2009
Changes may occur but we will try to announce any modifcations in good time.

Sunday, May 10 - 6-8 pm :
Delegates Arrive
Pre-Registration Ceremony
Opening Ceremony

Monday, May 11

8:30-10:30 : 1st Panel
Control, Disciplinary Processes & Resistance in slavery and freedom
Chair/Discussant : Gail Saunders

Presenters :
Bridget Brereton : “A French Connection? Resistance to Enslavement and Oppression in Trinidad, 1802-1849”
Jonathan Dalby : “ The Palladium of Liberty? Trial by Jury in Nineteenth century Jamaica”
Gordon Gill : “Insolence as Slave Resistance in British Guiana
Kelvin Santiago-Valles : “Colonial Captivities Before and After Formal Abolition: Puerto Rico, the U.S. South, Jamaica, and Guyane, 1860-1900”

10:30-11:00 : Break

11:00-1:00 : 2nd panel
Gender and Slavery
Chair/Discussant : Rosalyn Terborg-Penn


Lorena Walsh : “Agricultural Technologies and Gendered Production in Slave Economies”
Sasha Turner : “Representations and Performances of Gender in an Anglo-Jamaican Family, 1770-1835”
Hilda Neus : “Plantation Mistresses in Early Colonial Suriname”
Dave Gosse : “Enslaved Women, Immorality, and the Ethics of Resistance”

1:00-2:00 : Lunch

2:00-4:00 : 3rd Panel
French Slavery and Abolition and Post-Slavery Politics
Chair/Discussant : Alain Buffon

Presenters :
Philippe Girard : “Emancipation in One Country Alone: Toussaint L’Overture’s views on exporting the Haitian Revolution” :
Elzabeth Heath : “Remembering Slavery, Critiquing the Rebublic: Public Discourse in Guadeloupe, 1900-1910”
Kathe Maganan : “Historical Narratives of Abolition in Guadeloupe: A Look at Events from 2002”
Romeo Terral : “”Pointe à Pitre (1928-1938) le virage vers la modernité ?

4:00-6:00 : 4th Panel
Post-Slavery Politics, Decolonization and Pan-Africanism
Chair/Discussant : Richard Blackett

Claudius Fergus : “From Prophecy to Policy: Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the Evolution of Pan-African Citizenship”
Dominique Taffin : “Aimé Césaire, Fort-de-France-port-Au-Prince-Fort-de-France, 1943-1945”
Jean Pierre Sainton : “Charles De Gaulle, Aime Cesaire et le destin politique des Antilles Francaises; Autour du Refewrebndum de 1958; La croissee des chemins”
Jean Sebastien Guibert : “ The Governor, Guadeloupe, and the Sea: The Maritime Space of the Lesser Antilles under the Administrationof Governor Pierre Gédéon de Nolivos (1765-1768)

Tuesday, May 12

8:30-10:30 : 5th Panel
Gender Issues in the Post-Slavery Period
Chair/Discussant : Cecile Celma

Clara Palmiste : “A Woman in Politics: Gerty Archimede’s Exceptional Career, 1909-1980”
Zara Bennett : “Remembering Slavery: Responding to Restricted Liberty in Simone Sshwartz-Bart’s Pluie et venty sur Télumeé Miracle”
Magali Roy-Féquière : “Re-figuring “ Lo popular:” Women Intellectuals in 1930s Puerto Rico and the case of María Cadilla de Martínez”
Gladys Jimenez-Muňoz : “Gendered Colonialist Education and Alternative Practices in Early Twentieth Century Puerto Rico”

10:30-11:00 : Break

11:00-12:30 : 6th Panel
Haiti-USA: Revolutionary Relations
Chair/Discussant : Roderick McDonald

Michelle Craig McDonald : “A Choice of Suppliers: Saint Domingue’s Impact on United States’ Trade, 1783-1805”
Gautham Rao : “The French Caribbean and the American State: The Problem of the Armed Haiti Trade”
Ronald Johnson : “Diplomacy in Black and White: Us Foreign Policy towards Revolutionary Saint Domingue”

12:30-1:30 : Lunch (and President’s lunch for new members presenting papers)

1:30-3:30 : 7th Panel
Religion, Modes of Spirituality and Identity
Chair/Discussant : Fernando Pico

LeGrace Benson : “Deliverance Actions of the Obscene Gédé”
Claudine Michel : “The Moral and the Social Coherence of Vodou”
Roberto Strongman : “The Hermeneutics of Gédé: Vodou in la Revue Indigène”
Grete Viddal : “The Influence of the Haitiano-Cubano Society on the Development of Dance Forms in Cuba’s Eastern Provinces ”
Glenroy Taitt : “The Other CM: Catholic Missionary Outreach to the Indians in Trinidad in the late Nineteenth Century

3:30-5:30 : 8th Panel
Migration, Transnationalism and Diasporas
Chair/Discussant : Verene Shepherd

Daniel Livesay : “ Fractured Estates: Will Disputes and Mixed Race West Indians in Eighteenth century Britain”
Ballentyne-Nisbett : “Pre-Caribana, 1955-1967: Looking For the Dress Rehearsal”

Wednesday May 13

8:30-10:30 9th Panel
Textual and Visual Representations of the Caribbean
Chair/Discussant : Rinia Doelahasori

Presenters :
Danielle Bégot : “L'album de photographies de la Guadeloupe du gouverneur Bouge (1935)”
Zhandarka Kurti : “Buena Para Toda la Familia: the Creation of ‘New” Healthy and Racially Pure Children in Puerto Rico”
Konrad Hamilton : “Freedom in the Americas: the Historiography of Comparative Emancipation in the British Caribbean and the United States”
Michael Scantlebury : “Sharing the Caribbean Slavery Experience: The Caribbean Heritage Tourism Project”

10:00-10:30 : Break

11:00-12:30 : 10th Panel
Capitalism and Slavery Revisited
Chair/Moderator : Hilary McD.Beckles

Presenter : Ahmed Reid
Lecture: “Challenging Economic Orthodoxy in the Discourse of Abolition”

Wednesday : Aferternoon & evening free
Friday, May 15 : Field trip to Marie-Galante

Thursday, May 14

8:30-10:00 : 11th Panel
Circum-Caribbean Migration
Chair/Discussant : Rita Pemberton

Presenters :
Jerome Egger : “Mr and Mrs. Jung Bahadur Singh: A Guyanese-Surinamese Marriage Across two Nations”
Loverne Jacobs-Browne : “An Investigation of the Poor Whites of St. Vincent, 1897-1979”
Eric Jagdew : “Pacification Treaties in Colonial Suriname with Rebellious Indigenous and Maroon Groups Between 1667 and 1769 : A Comparison
Pedro Welch : The Forgotten Dimension : Barbadian emigration to Suriname in the nineteenth century »

10:30-11:00 : Break

11:30-1:00 : 12th Panel
Race, Popular Politics and Representation in Puerto Rico
Chair/Discussant : Luis Figueroa

Ileana Rodriguez Silva : “Silencing Race and the Early Twentieth Century Labor Movement in Puerto Rico”
Solsiree del Moral : “Race, Class, and Diaspora: Re-Centering the Early 1930s New York Community in Puerto Rican Historical Narratives”
Anne MacPherson : “The Birth of Populist Politics in Puerto Rico, 1938-40: Working Women, the Fair Labor Standards Act and Muños Marin’s Historic Campaign”
Eileen Saurez Findlay : “ Slipping into Black or Rising to Whiteness? Discourses of Domesticity and Racialized representations of Puerto Ricans: New York City and Rural Michigan, 1950”

1:00-2:00 : Lunch

2:30 – 5:00 : Annual general meeting

Friday, May 15 : Field trip

Saturday/Sunday, May 16/17 : Departure

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